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MiSTARess' Sub Etiquette

I'm a fan of good manners. It's shows respect. And within BDSM, manners and etiquette are pretty important. Every dominant has their preferences. Some insist on high and strict protocol, some don't really care. That's what makes finding the right Domme for you important. Here's a few basics I expect subs to adhere to.

* Address Me in person, email or text as MiSTARess. If this is too much of a mouthful, Mistress is fine. * Don't approach Me with a sense of entitlement. Shouting your kinks and desires like a spoilt child means I'll have no interest. I'm not arsed how much money you have. I do this because I'm an Alpha female and love it, not to service idiots. * You've approached Me because you want something beyond conventional sexuality. For those in possession of a penis, use your intelligence and the head on your shoulders. Not the one in your pants.

* Open the door, take my coat, find me a seat, offer me a drink, light my cigarette. I'm a feminist with a love of chivalry and attentiveness.

* Don't interrupt me when speaking. Speak clearly and openly. Use correct grammar and spelling. And never use text speak. Especially 'lol'. You're not 12. * Don't cause a scene or embarrass Me in public. Whether I do to you is another story. * Communicate. If you have a question, ask Me openly and respectfully. I'm not a mind reader.

* Punctual. If I ask you to be somewhere or do something by a certain time, I expect you to do so. Talking of time, don't get impertinent if I don't respond to you immediately. I'm a busy woman. My time is precious.

* Thank Me. You may not like what I've asked you to do but to get and stay in my good books, thank Me.

* Accept tasks and punishments with good grace and humility. Carry them out with willing and to the best of your ability without whinging.

* I appreciate the real world still frowns on BDSM but you should be proud, not ashamed. I have the utmost respect for anyone who is honest enough with themselves to serve someone like Me. Respect yourself.

* Honesty is very important to Me. Never lie, be passive aggressive or dishonest. I insist on honesty to establish trust. Break it, you'll be dismissed.

* While I don't demand lavish gifts in exchange for screaming at you from social media (I'm not that kind of Domme), I appreciate being spoilt and pampered. When meeting, chocolate, fresh flowers, rum, vodka or menthol cigarettes are welcome. Or something from my wishlist.

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