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I've a life outside of kink as a performer and DJ as award winning artist, Holestar. I've been appearing in this guise internationally since 2003, so know a thing or two about dressing for pleasure and have quite a kink for dressing up subs for my pleaseure.

I can help you with exploring your feminine side, from being dressed up in panties and stockings to enjoying a complete transformation. We can go shopping or you could spend some time as my maid or trained slut. I adore 'forced' bi and can summon a male to humiliate you for My pleasure.

As a performer, I adore role play scenarios and have a vivid, wicked imagination. I previously served in the British Army and will happily drill any little soldiers to My standards.

Alternatively you could be an impertinent office worker being brought to heel by an impatient, demanding boss, a naughty pupil who needs disciplining or impertinent shoe shop employee ordered around by a fussy customer.

Massage and worship my size 8 feet or feel them squish you as you lay in submission. I'll sit on you whilst you suffer and squirm beneath my weight.

Other role play suggestions are welcome. Acceptance is not guaranteed.

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