MiSTARess presents PAN PEOPLE

Members events for pansexuals, bisexuals, gay and trans people and selected friendly heterosexuals. Bringing kinky and sexually liberated people together in a social and sex positive environment where being a friendly and respectful person is more important than how you look.

First Saturday of the month 21:00-03:00
£15 per person.
No gender pricing. No couples fee.
Venue revealed to members.

£5 per person
For membership application, see FAQs.

Listings appear on our Facebook page and Fetlife group.

*Be social
*Be open minded
*Practice safe sex
*Adhere to safe, sane and consensual. Always.

*Touch without consent


How do I become a member?
New members are verified by MiSTARess or confirmed by an existing member. Contact MiSTARess via Fetlife, Fabswingers or MiSTARess@gmail.com with a few lines introducing yourself.

Why don't you list the venue? 
It's given to members, we don't want random wrong-uns rocking up. We'd rather have a group of friendly, respectful people than a club full of idiots.

What's the dress code?
Fetish or all black minimum (but you shan't be turning you away as long as you've been verified).

Are there any restrictions?
Members of the Zombie Wanking Squad who chase, linger, wank or wander around are not welcome. If you're pushy, rude or try and push your way into a scene uninvited, you'll be asked to leave.

I'm a CD/TV/Trans person. Can I change at the venue?
Yes of course, no problem.

Can I bring a friend?
If you're a member, no problem. If they behave like an idiot your membership will be cancelled. So don't bring a dingbat.

Is this a party for fetish people or swingers?
The focus is on BDSM but it's for anyone sexually open minded. There's frequently a division between both scenes. We bridge that gap with the emphasis on sociable and respectful people.
What's in you pants isn't important. Do you, be whoever you are, just don't be a twat.

What goes on at the parties?
A multitude of safe, sane and consensual activities. And a lot of socialising. We aim for everyone to get along despite sexual tastes.
If playing within a BDSM context, negotiate the scene and agree a safe word. If any of this terminology is new, the internet is your friend.


Will I get to play?
If you go to an event of this nature expecting play, stay at home. Unless you are social and friendly, it's highly unlikely. Just come with an open mind. You might just have a lovely social time, you might witness something new, you might get one of your fantasies fulfilled. Who can say?

What equipment is available?
Depending on what you're into, bring condoms, lube and weapons of ass destruction. The venue has spanking benches, a pole for those who fancy a twirl, a cage and various areas for more private play.

What is the music policy?
Soul, funk, disco and laid back. The visuals are kink, bi and trans play led.

Can I bring my own booze?
No. There's a bar at lower than pub prices. Support independent venues by purchasing a beverage or three (but not so wasted you make poor choices). Cash only.

Do you care about etiquette?
Very much so. No means no and consent is mandatory. If someone is dressed provocatively or exposed, that's their prerogative.
We may check in on scenes. Please don't be offended, this is merely to check everyone is happy and everything is safe, sane and consensual.
Pan People reserves the right to restrict entry or remove people who are considered dangerous or disrespectful. We push the respect angle for good reason.

Can I take pictures?
Hell to the no. If you're seen trying to take sneaky pictures of others, you're out. We respect people's anonymity, to be able to enjoy themselves without being caught in an uncompromising position for your wank bank.
Put your phone away. As you may have gathered, socialising is a big focus at Pan People.

I've never been to an event like this before. Is that ok?
Chill, we were all new once. Best thing for newcomers is to arrive before 22:00 to chat over a beverage. There is an anything goes policy and play gets rather filthy so if you're sensitive or easily offended, best try a vanilla event first.

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