Many potential subs get this wrong but here's a very simple guide how to contact a dominant Woman.

I've been a pro Domme since 2000 and it's frustrating wading through time wasters to find honest, respectful subs. A good 70% of people who contact, never conclude. I get...


I'm a fan of good manners. It's shows respect.  And within BDSM, manners and etiquette are pretty important. Every dominant has their preferences. Some insist on high and strict protocol, some don't really care. That's what makes finding the right Domme for you importa...


Want Boys and Dolly Dommes are perfect for each other but an accident waiting to happen. One wants any kinky attention they can get, the other wants attention (and money).

When I got into kink in 2000, I'd meet potential subs via the back of contact magazines and postca...

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