Well hello. If you wish to serve a strong, experienced, dominant woman, then you've come to the right place. Please read my website before contacting.

I'm a sadistic, sensual and fun naturally dominant woman with eighteen years professional and lifestyle BDSM experience based in Hackney, London. Fiercely independent from a young age - during kiss chase I'd pin boys to the floor and sit on their chest until they whimpered in submission. BDSM is an integral part of my life and only invite those to session who approach respectfully. I'm not a service top or kinky vending machine. I only session with those who understand that.


My personal favourite scenarios include sissy/feminisation, anal/pegging/strap-on, sensation play, foot worship, smoking fetish, roleplay, CBT and CP. I adore the twist of a nipple, swish of a flogger or thwack of a crop though pain free sessions are possible.

Be assured, very little shocks Me. If you are so far in the kink closet you're in Narnia, I can coax you out in a friendly and controlled manner. Respectful newbies are welcome in My strong hands and offer starter sessions for those wishing to respectfully experiment with their submissive side.

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