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Hello. I'm MiSTARess. British, Alpha Domme since 2000.

Over the past 23 years, I've played with, spanked and bummed numerous subs who know their place. I've had a wonderful time doing so, but there comes a time where dealing with the fetishes and wants of others becomes uninteresting.

Now, I'm focusing on what I want. And that's to be happy.
To live the life I deserve, I require money. your money.
I'm only interested in smart subs and servants who know their place. It excites Me to think of submissives working hard to provide a better life for Me.

If you consent to serve Me financially, contact here.


If you are unable to afford to serve financially, do not contact ME.
you may purchase my feet content on I Want Clips, buy Me a gift or promote Me on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and TikTok.
I have zero interest in ruining you. It doesn't give Me joy or fulfilment to abuse those who might face negative repercussions in their vanilla life. I am not a bully. you are not a loser. I am not hotter than your wife.

Don't compliment one woman by putting another down. Ever.

I'm an experienced, smart, fun, middle aged, naturally dominant Woman.
I'm rare and know My worth.

Everything is on my terms.
No exceptions.


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